What are the Causes and Solutions of Blue Screen of Death?

The Blue Screen of Death or known as BSoD usually happens on the Window Users. However, it is an error on the system that makes the entire computer system dysfunctional or sudden breakdown. Likewise, it is one of the frustrating moment that may happen on the computer system. That is why here are the causes and solutions to prevent or fix the Blue Screen of Death instantly.

Furthermore, it is necessary to know what are the common causes of Blue Screen of Death. In this way, it is easy to identify what are the things that need to avoid in the computer system.

So, here are the common causes why the Blue Screen of Death suddenly occurs on the computer or desktop.

Old Programs and Drivers

Most of the time, the old programs or drivers are one main reason why the BSOD suddenly occurs.

So, it is better to re-install the program files or devices drivers to prevent the Blue Screen of Death. In this way, it will help your computer system to function well.


The second reason why the BSOD occurs is the overheating on the computer system. The overheating usually happens on the system such as CPU or in a graphics card.

Therefore, it is necessary to cool down the system first. Likewise, you can also monitor the computer’s internal temperature to prevent the BSOD.

On the other hand, if the BSOD occurs, here are the best solutions you can do:

1. Identify the cause of the Blue Screen of Death

It is necessary to recognize the main cause first before identifying the best solution for the sudden error.

2.Undo the recent system changes

You can undo the recent system changes by using the system restore. Most of the time, changing the computer system might lead into errors too.

3.Scan for Viruses

Lastly, it is better to scan your computer for viruses. However, the viruses are also one of the main reason why the computer system suddenly does not function well.

So, it is necessary to know what are the causes and solutions of the Blue Screen of Death. In this way, you can prevent easily the possible errors that might happen with your computer system. Otherwise, if the solutions don’t work, you can contact some IT experts to fix the issue instantly.


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